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Boarding & Stabling

for your horse is the first step in developing or maintaining a healthy relationship. Here at Sunset Hill we strive for the best living environment for all our clients. Safety is number one with us with both facility and staff reflecting the quality of care you will receive.

Our custom board packages are great for getting what you want most and keep your budget manageable.

 Pick a basic type of pasture and add one or more of our programs to customize your care.

Choosing the best lifestyle...
Pasture Board

Want your horse to enjoy a natural setting and live in a leisure group of fellow equines but still get the care and attention to be sure all is well, then choose the pasture life. 24-7 outdoor living complete with large 10-15 acre green rolling pastures, Nelson waterers, run in sheds, our own grown hay in Winter, and plenty of horse friends for your horse to keep company with. 

* For our retirement care horses complementary pest and protection program included as well as appointment assist. 


Group pasture 24-7 

$250.00 per month

Pasture Board Programs

Grain Ration fed individually in a stall or paddock as requested and scheduled. Once per day. 

 $30 per month

*grain provided by owner*


Pest & Protection

Fly spray 3x a week, horse clothing application when needed (fly sheets, winter blankets, masks, etc) owner provides products 

$50 per month

Ready To Ride

Twice weekly scheduled you horse will be caught and waiting for you to ride/work with either in a stall or in barn paddock.

 +$25 per month

Appointment Assist

Vet and Farrier appointment assistance, prepping and horse horse for routine appointments.

 + $10 per appointment

Overnight Board

Stay for a night or for a few days, we have the space. Offering several options for any type of traveler. Electrical hookup on site. Stall, paddock, pasture and arena areas available for overnight boarders. Please give us  notice before arrival. 

Choice of 12x12 with attached paddock(grass or dirt) . Bedding and water included.  $30 per Horse

Choice of 12x10 with fan. Bedding and water included.  $25 per Horse

Choice of arena, round pen, or paddock. Water included.  $25 per Horse

On site pull through drive with RV electric hookup. Water tank fill on request. 50, 30 and 110 plug options. 10 available.

 $20 a night.


Horse Retirement  Boarding      

St. Joseph, Missouri                     (816) 355-4141

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